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    Ceгодня опять получил теперь я милионер :)

    However, first, permit me to begin by formally introducing myself. I am an Auditor with Bank of Scotland , Vincent Street, Lanarkshire, Glasgow.

    In the course of our auditing we discovered an account that has not been operational since 2004, after the initial deposit was made. After thorough investigation, we discovered that the owner of the account, Peter Scherer died in a fatal car crash on November 12, 2005 in Valencia , Spain . All effort to locate any members of his family has proved abortive.

    It was in this circumstance that I have contacted you since you share the same surname with my client to partner with me for the transfer of these funds to your Bank for us for the mutual benefit of both parties.

    The total amount secured is £13,320,000.00 (Thirteen Million, Three Hundred and Twenty Thousand Pounds) and I am willing to share with you 50% each for both parties.

    Further to the above, please find below the procedures and details required for the realization of this transaction.

    To ensure that everything is done legally, we shall employ the services of Bank of Scotland accredited Lawyer that would represent the interest of both parties.

    The lawyer shall depose an affidavit with the High Court for the change of beneficiary from our late customer to your name. And also see to the legal process of the transfer of rights and privileges document. This is to ensure legal transfer of all documents to your name as the new Benefactor to the deposited funds here at the Bank.

    The change of beneficiary and transfer of rights and privileges shall give you the legal status to receive the funds in your Bank account for us without being questioned by your Bank and your country's financial authorities.

    Upon transfer of beneficiary to your name, the attorney shall apply to Bank of Scotland for necessary approvals from the Board of Directors for the Fund Release Order and subsequent transfer of our funds to your Bank account for us.

    I would require your confirmation on the aforementioned procedure before we can apply in your name for the Beneficiary's Claims Application Form for your completion. Copy of the Form will be sent to you by E-mail attachment for your completion.

    You will be required to complete the Form and Fax back to the Wire Department for their routine processing and subsequent approvals to authorize transfer of the funds to your Bank account for us. Feel free to seek further clarification and I will oblige you. Kindly send all future correspondences to this my Yahoo email address. It is more confidential.

    I wait your confirmation as I look forward to a fruitful business relationship with you.

    Sorry, I don't understand you.

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    Hello Johann,

    It is with happiness that I send this email to you. This is because after a hard search I finally found someone with the same surname as our late client and customer who left in our custody a huge cash deposit.

    It is almost six years now and his investment shall become that of the government if it is not claimed by any one.

    It will be my delight to present you as his next of kin so you and I can equally benefit from this investment. I guarantee that the process of processing this noble project would be completely under the legal laws of the country.

    Upon your favorable response, I shall patiently make available to you all necessary information on what I have proposed above. Kindly enclose your telephone number in your response.

    I remain, as always,

    Your friend,

    Michael Brandon.

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    Жаль жучок не в фокусе ;(

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    60mm 2,8


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    интерессный цветочек! чем снимал?

    Canon 60mm 2,8

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