Dreambox ONE - pyro branch OE 2.6

  • enigma2 update to 4.4.1r10

  • enigma2: 4.4.1r17

    * Support Dreambox One with Combo Tuner

    * Some Minor HbbTV fixes

    * Fix GraphicalMultiEPG Setup screen

    * Improve stream playback

    * Improve skipping for "Multmedia" Services (eServiceMP3)

    * Add Inverto IDLU-UST110-CUO40-32P to the list of unicable devices

    * Add configurabe on/off Pixmaps for all existing "ConfigBoolean" derivatives. Add the something like the following in the "<listboxcontent>" section of your skin (see default skin)

    <config onPixmap="skin_default/switch_on.svg" offPixmap="skin_default/switch_off.svg" size="30,16"/>

    Developer / Experts

    * Fix reboot to rescue

    * Fix image prescale handling for libjpegturbo

    * Fix blending issues in eListbox and it's selectionZoom

    * Converter.TemplatedMultiContent: add missing import for MultiContentEntryTextAlphaBlend

    * Screens.Menu: allow plugins to pass a menu description as 5th argument of the list

    * eLabel: fix wrong background color when rendering onto dedicated buffer

    * fixed initial buffering for TS and non TS streaming and add menu entries to change the buffering time (default is 500ms now), setBufferSize call is a noop now and replaced by setBufferDuration

    * eAudioPlayback: allow to install a PCM callback

    * Change the way audio playback is handled (eAudioPlayback)

    * print stack trace when when mainloop is beeing blocked


    * Add highly experimental version of a new DASH/HLS playback service written form scratch.